Yes, I should give it a try

   This should belong to my first English article. Of course almost all sentences from translation tools. But I really have no ability to write a complete the sentence correctly, or I don’t write out sentences . This is not to blame my English teacher, because I’m not enough diligence, also do not have this idea. But, I have to try. Although the translation of statements can’t see out my English really poor does point to, but I can clearly tell you, I don’t know.
   I watched the translated sentence, not be to feel there is an error, but especially difficult. Think carefully, besides this sentence, is there anything else I can understand. Don’t go to see the E-mail about I abuse server resources mail? I don’t want to. For a very long time, I don’t know exactly what I was doing. Always in a trance or waste of time, although two is the same consequences. I also expect someone told me, I maintain the purpose of this blog where. I only see that happening. Blog spent too much of my time, a year’s time is coming, and although it and is greatly changed, but when can I meet, quietly to wait.
   One day, I very want to write a love letter to myself. But I also don’t know where the heavy write up; after all, I never wrote, suddenly I again whether they have this ability? I admit I lack in my life needs of the various love, not, but a lack of. Has there been such a day, I tried to fantasy if I have a girlfriend will be how, I was more decadent or stronger. I always thought I not strong enough, even many girls are not, I was afraid to face many things, and be afraid to think, worry will shed tears.
   Occasionally, I think, if the world lost what I will do. Someone told me that the earth will not deceleration, river so drip. But less I, my world also have no meaning. There are different hypothesis, but will not have the same result.I only care, but no one knows.
   Yes, I want to try, for myself, but also for love.

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